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Welcome to The Sci-Fi Alliance! No registration is currently required. Please check out the individual sci-fi forums after visiting the main forums. We have forums for various show like Mutant X, Buffy and Angel, Star Trek, and many, many other. So please scroll down and see what you can find. Enjoy our discussions during your visit. And don't forget to give a special THANK YOU to Elvern People for making The Sci-Fi Alliance Banner!!! All hail the BLUE, BLACK and PURPLE of The Sci-Fi Alliance!!!! *LOL* *WEG* THE SCI-FI ALLIANCE: THE SCI-FI SUPERPOWER!!! EzBoard's Rising Star!!! Introducing our very own TSFA's Link Directory! Don't forget to submit a sci-fi link!!! Submit a site to PsiProne's Portal the internet's newest sci-fi portal! The Sci-Fi Dominion needs YOU!!! Also check out our Mutant X RPG.


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